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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Beauty of God's Creation

When I returned home from church, I heard the distinct sound of a young red-tailed hawk. The beautiful bird of prey is common in our area. Michelle and I walked around our building and found the bird perched on a low branch of a tree. In its talons was a freshly killed rat.

We watched the bird for several minutes when I decided to shoot this video. As I watched the majestic creature, a number of passages of Scripture filled my mind--passages that spoke about the awesome power of the Creator, and the reality that all of His creation is subject to him.

I also thought about the futility of sinful man's attempts to glorify the creation over the Creator, and the utter foolishness of atheism and the flawed theory of evolution.

My hope is that this video will encourage Christians while bringing all others to humble subjection to the Word of God.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Special Edition of Ambassadors Alliance Radio

Listen to Tony Miano on Blog Talk RadioDo you really love Jesus? Today's special edition of Ambassadors Alliance Radio may help you to answer the question.

On today's show, you will hear two hours of teaching that Tony brought to his church last summer.

Special Time! 2-4 PM (PST)

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thursday Night on Ambassadors' Alliance Radio

Listen to Tony Miano on Blog Talk RadioDavid Coppedge, Founder and Director of Creation Safaris and Creation Evolution Headlines (www.crev.info), will be our guest to discuss "Ida"--the latest in a long, sad line of "missing link" theories. Bart is going fishing. Mike Stockwell (www.crosscountryevangelism.com) will share his experience of open-air preaching outside the grand opening of a Virginia abortion clinic. And you'll hear conversation with a couple of interesting people, at the North Hollywood Metro Station.

8-10 PM (PST)